Help us find solutions for car passenger safety during COVID-19

Team Active’s Goal

Team ACTIVE (Against COVID Transmission Inside Vehicular Enclosures) is an interdisciplinary team of students and professionals, operating out of the TU/e and looking for solutions to make mobility safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vehicular based mobility is directly embedded in many professions including driving schools, taxis, goods transportation, public transit workers etc., while also being key in the daily lives of our society. Therefore, our focus lies in making both professional and recreational mobility safe for all to use.

Why us?


Our team is run by students from different faculties.

Young & creative

Our students are open minded.

Student driven

200% dedication from our intrinsically motivated students.

Our Projects

Driving schools

Driving instructors have a higher risk on becoming infected with COVID-19.
This challenge is looking for ways to improve safety for car passengers.

Neighbourhood taxis

In the larger Dutch cities, volunteers help bring older people to local destinations. Due to COVID-19 risks, this service has been suspended.

Your mobility COVID-19 project?

If you have your own COVID-19 and mobility related problem, Team Active might help you out!

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Latest TEAM Active news

On Friday the 23rd of April 2021* Team Active will perform an experiment at the test facilities of the RDW Test Center in Lelystad. This will be done in cooperation with professor Bert Blocken. During this day experiments will be conducted in a passenger vehicle under different velocities and ventilation conditions. This allows the aerosols […]

A world crisis requires action, creative solutions, and cooperation. In March 2020, Eindhoven University of Technology has set up a platform where supply and demand, problem owners and solution providers, are brokered. The key resource is the creativity, brainpower, and energy of our researchers, students, and student teams: TU/e against COVID-19. Now, one year later […]

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