Canta safe driving during COVID-19

In a number of Dutch cities, Canta’s are being used for driving the elderly around.
Most of the drivers are pensioners, meaning that both drivers and passengers belong to a group that have a higher risk on complications when getting COVID-19.
Since both passenger and driver are sitting very close in this vehicle, the services have been stopped.
This means for many elderly people that they can nog longer leave the house and run an errand.

This challenge is about looking for a solution to separate the driving compartment into 2 different compartments, so that either driver or passenger cannot transfer COVID-19 to one another.
Can you help this foundation sorting out a solution, so they can start using their electric taxis again?

How can you help?

If you have any suggestions on how Team Active can solve this problem, please let us know! Additionally, if you are a student from a Dutch University, feel free to join our team and help to find the right solution.