RDW experiment Lelystad

On Friday the 23rd of April 2021* Team Active will perform an experiment at the test facilities of the RDW Test Center in Lelystad. This will be done in cooperation with professor Bert Blocken. During this day experiments will be conducted in a passenger vehicle under different velocities and ventilation conditions. This allows the aerosols in the vehicle to be mapped.
The RDW Test Center is a test laboratory for vehicle technology that is uniquely suited for conducting experiments such as noise measurements and testing the functionality of vehicle systems. This makes the RDW Test Center extremely suitable for conducting Team Active ́s experiment.
The results of the experiment at the RDW Test Center in combination with the simulations based on the previously obtained 3D model [LINK to blog about 3D scan] will give an indication of the applicability of an air purifier or other filter in the fight against Covid-19.

  • the experiment has been postponend for a couple of weeks.