TU/e against COVID 19 Symposium

A world crisis requires action, creative solutions, and cooperation. In March 2020, Eindhoven University of Technology has set up a platform where supply and demand, problem owners and solution providers, are brokered. The key resource is the creativity, brainpower, and energy of our researchers, students, and student teams: TU/e against COVID-19.

Now, one year later and still dealing the COVID-19 crisis, we would like to honor our TU/e against COVID-19 heroes! During this symposium we will give the floor to four different TU/e against COVID-19 teams that will share their journey, results, and/or ideas with you.

Maandag 29 maart organiseert de TU/e Innovation Space een symposium waar 4 COVID 19 studenten teamshun oplossingen presenteren die bijdragen aan oplossingen om de COVID 19 pandemie te bestrijden.
Gebruik deze link om je aan te melden voor dit online symposium.